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Alcatel One Touch | Newport Beach, Ca

This last week we had the honor of providing our Lighting Services to Alcatel One Touch Corporate Sales Event held at the lovely Newport Dunes Back Bay Bistro in Newport Beach.


The daytime event was held in the Restaurant itself, we provided Audio and Video Support along with On-Site assistance to ensure the Sales Meeting ran smoothly.

Come evening time, we transformed this venue into a LIVELY LED-LIT VENUE, from the parking you can see clearly “where the party is”.

 Back Bay Bistro

Back Bay Bistro

Working hand in hand with Alcatel’s planner, Virginia, we where able to create a Elegant yet Fun-filled Atmosphere. The decor was based using the Alcatel One Touch Blue. The table setting and centerpiece where both choosen by Virginia and the Dancefloor was provided by us…YES we now provide Seamless White Dancefloors. These really stand out with the proper lighting.  

BacBay Bistro _ Alcatel

Back Bay Bistro


Back Bay Bistro

Back Bay Bistro

Photo Credit to Duc-Doung Photography

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 Back Bay Bistro Impulse

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