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Alcatel One Touch | Newport Beach, Ca

This last week we had the honor of providing our Lighting Services to Alcatel One Touch Corporate Sales Event held at the lovely Newport Dunes Back Bay Bistro in Newport Beach.


The daytime event was held in the Restaurant itself, we provided Audio and Video Support along with On-Site assistance to ensure the Sales Meeting ran smoothly.

Come evening time, we transformed this venue into a LIVELY LED-LIT VENUE, from the parking you can see clearly “where the party is”.

 Back Bay Bistro

Back Bay Bistro

Working hand in hand with Alcatel’s planner, Virginia, we where able to create a Elegant yet Fun-filled Atmosphere. The decor was based using the Alcatel One Touch Blue. The table setting and centerpiece where both choosen by Virginia and the Dancefloor was provided by us…YES we now provide Seamless White Dancefloors. These really stand out with the proper lighting.  

BacBay Bistro _ Alcatel

Back Bay Bistro


Back Bay Bistro

Back Bay Bistro

Photo Credit to Duc-Doung Photography

Unitl Next Time:

 Back Bay Bistro Impulse

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Island Hotel | Newport Beach

If it is one bride that we have worked with that just new exactly what she wanted, this was her, Marie. Since our first meeting some 8 months ago to talking over last minute details via phone, text and email, Marie and Doug let us know exactly what they envisioned and expected. This really helped us to be able to provide a Memorable Service. From the awesome Venue to the Ice Bar and the decor lighting, everything really came together just perfectly.

The Reception was with no doubt soo much fun! This really was a fun couple to work with. Check out some of the captures our good friends at Gavin Wade Photography have shared with us:


The Cabana Room | The Island Hotel, Newport Beach

 Doug & Marie Wedding

Outdoor Terrace View with Ambient Lighting

Doug Marie

Lovely Cake & Table Set-up

Doug & Marie (7)

First Dance as Husband & Wife

Doug & Marie Wedding

Outdoor Terrace Seating Area

Services we provided included Ambient Lighting, Personalized Monogram, Pin Spots and DanceFloor Coverage.


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Saddlerock Ranch & Vineyards

With the summer breeze in the air, Outdoor Weddings are definitely on the books for us here at Impulse Event Lighting. One of our latest job sites was located in the Hills of Malibu, known as the Saddlerock Ranch. This is the home to the Vineyards of Malibu Wines. With its natural beauty and secluded rustic charm, it’s no wonder Saddlerock Ranch has become a popular weekend setting for special occasions.

The Ceremony took place next to the Horse Corral on the Ranch’s lawn area. We were able to provide a “Low Noise” generator for the PA system placed about 100′ away. Truly a picture perfect setting.

Saddlerock Ranch1

Following the Ceremony, cocktail hour was held a few feet away near some shaded area with a hosted bar and live entertainment.

Moving on to the Reception, the biggest task we had was running “power” to the event itself, we had to provide electricity to not only our Lighting but also to the fellow vendors, Chef Stations, Photo Booth, Band, Gelato Bar and list continued. With this said be brought in our Generator and ran 800′ of cable around without compromising the esthetics of the Reception.

Saddlerock Ranch4

By 7pm everything was in place and the receiving of guests had begun.

Saddlerock Ranch2

Lighting Services provided included: String Lighting, Ambient Wash to the food stations, Centerpiece Pin Spots, Band / Stage Wash as well as Dance floor Color Wash.

By the time 9pm came the Lighting was in Full Effect and the formalities were about to begin. 

Saddlerock Ranch3

 Saddlerock Ranch5

We had a great time setting up here at the Ranch and to see the final product come night time, makes it so worthwhile! We want to thank  Bridal Event Lounge for allowing us to partner up and provide our lighting services.

Location Information:

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Maserati Grand Opening

MaseratiEvent (4)

 June 13, 2013 we had the pleasure of providing our Lighting Services to one of Southern California’s premier dealerships, Maserati of Newport Beach. Event was held from 6pm to 9pm with Italian Decor, Hors d’oeuvres and music by a live violinist.

With their Flagship store, Ferrari of Newport Beach next door, this store has its own style of decor and layout. Included in the Grand Opening Celebrations was the introduction of Maserati’s new member of their luxurious fleet…The Maserati Quattroporte

MaseratiEvent (2)

The Maserati Quattroporte is a luxury four-door saloon made by Maserati in Italy. The name translated from Italian literally means “four doors”. There have been six generations of the car, each separated by a period of roughly seven years.

For more infomration:

MaseratiEvent (3)

Our Lighting Services included Ambient Blue LED Wash Lights, SpotLight on Quattroporte, Monogram Projection as seen in above picture as well as Outside Uplights on Columns and Grand Entrance coverage.


MaseratiEvent (1)

Photo Credit:  Black Rider Studios



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Vibiana LA


One of the Events we serviced this past weekend was held at the Vibiana. This Venue has 130 years of rich Los Angeles history, 35,000 square feet of luxurious space, baroque inspired interiors, an expansive lush garden, all set in the heart of downtown.

VibianaLA (5)The venue hosts a wide range of events including fashion shows, fundraisers, live entertainment, and wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Like many venues, we had a scheduled arrival time of 11am. Our install took about 4 hours. We placed over 40 Ambient LED Wash Uplights set to Eggplant Purple, 2 Design Lights with Amber gels, 4 Intelligent Moving Heads, 32 Pin Spots and a Projection Screen in the balcony.   

Vibiana LA

 Since the Venue is primarily white in color with Marble pillars, we did our best to Highlight the Architecture by adding a wash of color. The Vibiana Staff goes to great lengths to conserve the Venues esthetics and we understand why… is simply an amazing Building.

  VibianaLA (2)

  Photo Credit: Liz Saldana Photography


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In today’s society, Social Media is a priority, with this said we invite you to follow us on INSTAGRAM:INSTAGRAM

It’s a fast, beautiful and fun way to share OUR photos with YOU.

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Whenever we see Event Ideas or are in the process of doing Set-ups we snap and post! This allows our FOLLOWERS to see Up To Date footage.

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Wilson Creek Winery – Temecula

Wilson Creek Winery is nestled at the end of Rancho California Road in the Temecula Wine Valley and produces high quality wines and champagnes, including their Famous Almond Champagne, which we are fans of! Friday April 19th could not come any sooner, we where anxiously awaiting the drive down the 15fwy.

Once arriving we knew this was going to be a great Venue to work at, our communication with the Coordinator Sue-Lin was excellent, she made us feel right at home once we arrived. She gave us a tour of the Venue and offered refreshments.


Impulse Transportation

The location of the evenings Wedding Reception was the “Champagne Ball Room” and once walking inside we know that the color chosen by the couple “Amber” would blend in very well. We had a  friend from Black Rider Studios, Tony Ruiz, meet us there to capture some shots for our portfolio.

Champagne Room

Champagne Room_2

We tried to blend in the Lighting with the brides inspiration “The Peacock”, look at what our designers came up with for the Monogram:

Peacock Monogram

The bride LOVED the design. We had a great time setting up this Event, the location brought back many memories from our first visit. The location inspires love and romance…..what every wedding should be.

Photo Credit:  Black Rider Studios

Venue: Wilson Creek Winery


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California Science Center

This last Saturday’s Event was indeed EPIC. We were able to work alongside a great group of vendors and Event Coordinators at the California Science Center in Los Angeles Ca.
The Corporate Function was held alongside a piece of history, the Endeavour Space Shuttle! Recently retired from Space flights, it has found a home in DTLA.

With Casino Royal being the Events Theme, it was decided to WASH the Hangar with Teal LED’s without compromising the Shuttles appearance, so we made sure to spotlight Endeavour with nothing more than the good old’ Lekos. These provided just the right amount of light to make the Shuttle POP out.

The install crew was great, managed to run power and lighting in under 2-1/2 hours.

Endeavor Shuttle, California Science Center

Endeavor Shuttle, California Science Center

Endeavor Shuttle 4

 Photo Credit: Liz Saldana Photography



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Event Lighting 101….What you should know.

What do you need to know about event lighting? There are some common features and effects that really bring an event together, and it’s good to be familiar with the terms that describe them as well as their roles.

Ambient UpLighting

Uplighting causes color and light to wash a room, accentuating the natural appeal of a space and playing off the wedding’s color scheme. Some venues are already gorgeous and benefit from a little enhancement. Others are more basic, or even challenging, and require transformation. Uplighting helps achieve the desired effect.


Monogam  Gobo


One of the most popular theme elements in today’s weddings is the monogram. Featuring your new couple identity graphically is a beautiful way to personalize your event. A lighting professional can project your monogram or a custom “gobo”, which can be your names or an image, on the dance floor. As an extra benefit, the projection will not damage the dance floor and does not require messy application.


Pin Spot LightingPin Spot lighting is strategically hung from the ceiling of a venue and focuses on elements that you want to feature most. They are commonly installed over each table to add drama to already gorgeous centerpieces. Pin Spots are great tools for drawing attention to the best features of a room, which can also serve to distract from your least favorite elements.


View More: the ultimate entrance, consider a Dance Floor Wash. Imagine the entire ballroom going completely dark until a spotlight illuminates the newlyweds as they approach and take the first steps into their first dance. A wash manned by an experienced technician can infinitely increase the drama and create the kind of magical, memorable moment you deserve.

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Italian String Lighting

Bring a bit of old world charm to your special event with Italian String Lights. This lighting effect has decorative globe lamps, spaced at intervals, creating a lighting string of lamps that can be suspended over an area such as a dancefloor or an outdoor patio.



When it comes to Weddings, it sets the mood for by giving off a sense of romance and elegance.  Candles of all shapes and sizes have been used for years to decorate weddings and are still being used today.  As beautiful as candles look there are other ways brides are lighting up their reception.  One of our favorite ways is to use string lighting.



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